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Deliver customer service, product advice, sales in a travel industry context, applying accurate communication, literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills, to grow and maintain customer relationships 

Apply workplace practices required of the travel industry including: self-management, teamwork and compliance with relevant Acts and legislation.

Apply detailed knowledge of specific travel regions, and a broad operational knowledge of world geography in terms of characteristics relevant to customer’s needs. 

Identify and utilise travel business operational systems and processes that enable the delivery of a quality customer experience and contributes to overall business effectiveness. 

Graduate Profile:  People credited with this module are able to apply detailed knowledge of specific travel regions, and a broad operational knowledge of world geography in terms of characteristics relevant to customer’s needs. 

Learning Outcomes: 

Module 3C: Demonstrate knowledge on cruise regions, providers and their products. 

1.  Explain cruise terminology used in the travel industry  Evidence is required of a total of ten (10) 

2. Identify cruise regions and their relevant seasons in relation to different cruise providers  Evidence is required for five (5) different cruise regions one must be a river cruise region and a minimum of two (2) different cruise providers per region. 

3. Compare and explain the special features, services and facilities of cruise providers.  Evidence is required of one (1) provider from Task 2 and one other in the same region. A minimum of two (2) special features, services and facilities are explained. Comparison for at least two points of difference are made.    

4. Identify and explain cabin types and deck plans according to travel industry usage.  Evidence is required for one cruise provider from Task 3, five (5) facilities and 3 cabin types are highlighted, labelled and/or explained, total number of decks and all deck names given.  

5. Establish customer requirements, select cruise products and prepare costings and provide booking conditions.   Evidence is required for two (2) costings for two (2) different customers.