Students will apply elements of economic theory with emphasis on the contemporary New Zealand environment.

Students will record and process financial transactions and prepare financial statements and cash budgets for entities.

Students will understand financial statements and reports and be able to analyse and interpret financial performance for sole traders and small companies.

Students will discuss, evaluate and apply information technology to meet business requirements.

Theory and Microsoft Office skills

Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in law relevant to business.

Students will understand concepts and apply principles of leadership in a dynamic environment. Students will create a personal plan to develop their leadership abilities.

Students will develop knowledge and skills for management in organisations.

Students will understand the roles, functions and application of Human Resource Management processes within contemporary New Zealand organisations.

Students will collect, interpret, present and use relevant management accounting information for an organisation to effectively plan, control and make appropriate decisions regarding business operations.

Students will apply communication knowledge and skills in the evolving context of New Zealand business.